Water Initiation

Sacred Journeys in Crystal River Ranges

Are you being called to this land for initiation?

Fire Initiation is about burning through old patterns and old paradigms : Agni Yoga, the Crazy Wisdom Path, Vision Quests. Water Initiation comes once psychological blocks have been cleared and we arrive at a place of authentic personal flow.

Here, Nature is the Mystery School. Within this container a chalice is created for intuition, sense-ability, crystal clear insight and further cleansing of psychic dross. You can choose to camp, self contained and private, with easy river access. Glamp in our bell tent and choose a variety of add ons … or dive in deep and take a Sacred Journey into the Coromandel Ranges with a guide, camping overnight at a secret spot and swimming in quartz crystal river pools along the way.

Time to be, time to be free : find your flow and choose, intuitively, how you go.

“Light and warmth determine the quality of [the etheric body’s] growth forces and it derives its dynamic potential in the body from the element of water (Huber, 2003). The etheric body can be linked to the sacral chakra, Swadhisthana, which, like water, symbolizes fluidity and nurturing.” https://tobiasart.org/2015/10/07/the-anthroposophical-perspective-on-the-structure-and-functioning-of-the-human-being/

“It is called the water trial because just like a diver suspended in water deep in a tank, nothing from the outside world motivates her to move. She must, based on what she observes around her, learn to act based on inner instinct.” https://www.reddit.com/r/occult/comments/la88jq/the_trials_of_initiation_part_2_of_4_the_water/