Gathering Magic

It’s quite amazing how the combination of setting intentions and inviting community works. It shows us alternative ways to create what we need – easily and abundantly. Gathering magic is something we practise at Soulrise. Simply add to your land : workbees of invited community, mix work with fun and fireside music, sprinkle with river time. Here are a few pix to celebrate our last gathering for Summer Solstice 2021.

Next gathering 18 to 20 February 2022 … arrive in the afternoon and join our talking circle. Saturday we work in the gardens and gather for fireside fun and feast in the evening. Sunday relax, join a yoga class, explore the wild & gorgeous forests and rivers all around us. BYO camp gear – camp kitchen available – contact us if you would like us to provide accommodation.

One thought on “Gathering Magic

  1. Hi Kiri, Hope you survived the storm and had an improved waterfall? We have sent Kiva a birthday card, hope he is getting a present! Lovely to see what you are doing and with whom; with all those hands you should get many gardens built. Are they all friends invited, or just all comers? Are they stressed Auckland office workers, or laid-back alternatives from Northland ? Who is the naked man, he looks familiar? Not a good photo of Istari, I’m afraid. I did not see Kiva, but he could be under one of the hats. Don’t forget you need to make some money out of the guests! We have sold Donvale and will leave for GC about 11 March. It has been a big job getting our stuff packed and the place cleaned. Cait has so much stuff! Sad to leave the house now that it is so comfortable, but we will enjoy the warm days in Qld, hopefully still able to go for bike rides, and visit the Murwillumbah Farmers Market. Don’t know whether TOOT is still going, but no sign of a revived railway in the Northern Rivers. Will be good to see Adrienne and Erwin; Estelle has a new partner and is expecting. It still doesn’t seem as tho NZ is going to be open before July, but by then we hope to be settled somewhere, and could arrange a trip. Lots of love, R

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