Bee the 5th Sacred Thing

“Creating change globally is not something we can do in our spare time. We
all have to live it.” (Starhawk, 1993)

When the bees arrived we remembered Starhawk. The curious things we remembered about her ovular work, The Fifth Sacred Thing, was how the people in the walled suburbs ruled by the Stewards, lived on boosters. That’s right.

Sound familiar? Prophetic, even…

Bees are an intrinsic part of Gaia’s healthy immune system. Just like the human immune system, they have been under attack by chemical spray drift and environmental pollutants for many years now. It seems surprising, even counter-intuitive, to promote a narrative of pharmaceutical injections when the real issue is lack of immunity. Compromised immunity & general ill health in old age are the biggest risk factors. This isn’t surprising. What would surprise us is that the Government truly cared about our health, and began working tirelessly to remove environmental toxins, such as pesticides, fungicides and psuedo-oestrogens, from the food chain, rather than subsidising their addition!

If our Government will not do this, it is up to US. It is up to you to take care of your health, to find a home and a sanctuary NOW – before it becomes inevitable that you join the robots of the great reset. It is a ruse, a glamour thrown over you, that those who occupy offices of Parliament really care. It’s a great job with plenty of perks and an even better retirement fund. That’s the paternal system – hierarchical. Thrival of the most manipulative.

Now the maternal system? It’s more like bees, producing honey very sweetly for all to thrive upon, even the mistress that manages the hive. It’s the nectar of mother’s love. It’s an example of an alternative that is viable, ancient and modern as well.

“Matriarchies are true gender-egalitarian societies; this applies to the social contribution of both sexes – and even though women are at the centre, this principle governs the social functioning and freedom of both sexes. Matriarchal societies should emphatically not be regarded as mirror images of patriarchal ones – with dominating women instead of patriarchy’s dominating men – as they have never needed patriarchy’s hierarchical structures. ” Read more from Heide Goettner-Abendroth – Matriarchal Societies.

Our current socio-political structures have really let us down.

It is even hard to describe all the ways humanity has been let down by the modern hierarchical governing structure. It’s abysmal, really. And that is where our outdated concepts of governance should go – into the abyss. Along with the culpable male medical model. They are currently showing their true colours.

In this age of renewal we need to bee the fifth sacred thing – our Spirit. It is time to call down balance and harken to the old ways. We will need to know them to escape the technocratic grasp. This imminent embrace of the divine is a very feminine quality. To be lost in a rapture of heaven and earth, to honour our body constructed of Nature, supported and healed by our natural immunity… is an antidote to the brainy competition where billionaires suck up all the dollars and politicians prevent humanity from free association for very flaky reasons.

I recommend it – reading The Fifth Sacred Thing by Starhawk once again. We may find it useful, and soon, the wisdom contained within.

One thought on “Bee the 5th Sacred Thing

  1. Certainly agree about toxins affecting both bees and human food. Most of it is not fit to eat, or wouldn’t be if they told you what’s in it. Are there any campaigns about chemicals in food? I did read a report that the glyphosate people had suffered so much court compensation from poisoning people that they were withdrawing it from public sale in US, but not in Aus of course!

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