Our Greatest Reset

How can we ignore that our world is still driven by calcifying folks ignorant of Spirit? Our greatest revolution, and thus our greatest reset, is to reorient our personal world towards Spirit.

Who cast Klaus Schwab, like really?

It is ironic and awful that those who think that intellect can innovate all solutions and that we are only physical bodies, are not embodied. If they were embodied, they would be able to think with their hearts and see with their eyes … see that what is being rolled out in the name of a great reset … is immoral and anti-human.

It’s a peculiar blindness of the Ahrimanic mind.

The only thing we can do now is redesign our personal lives to live beyond the dominant paradigm. Political action falls into the divide and conquer promoted by those who deem to rule. The greatest personal action is to fall deeply in love with our own spiritual development. As Spirit’s representative in 3D, this means to fall in love with Nature. The sure fire thing that will carry us through these dark times is to prioritise natural time, natural mind and spiritual practise. Not only will this carry us through, it will benefit us greatly by smoothing the way.

It’s a magical spell that really works.

Shout out to this tribe : http://www.theconsciousresistance.com and their five part prodigy http://www.thegreaterreset.org which is truly a voice of humanity. By humanity, I mean humanitarian. It’s the opposite of the technocracy impinging upon thee in this surveillance society.

A friend asked me if it was a choice between light and dark. I reply, the choice is between love and fear. Our greatest reset, in this fear-programmed culture, is to choose love in every moment. Open hearts cannot co-create dystopia. Time for complacency has run out. Reorient your life towards Spirit. Now.

Bathing Goddesses

3 thoughts on “Our Greatest Reset

  1. Hi Kiri, I found out who Klaus Schwab is! I am beginning to get the gist of your posts in Welcome Home, though I am Unfamiliar with some of the terms used. I have always had doubts about the way IT is developing, and agree with your more humanitarian philosophy. It is impressive the way you have presented it. Love R

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