Times Like This

28 October is another Roman Festival.

There is a literary device called “suspension of disbelief.” It’s used in science fiction to set up futuristic worlds, or in hyperreal movies to take the viewer to an alternate reality. Let’s try it here. Imagine …

Imagine that the Roman Empire was a product of the Renaissance. Imagine that all those Renaissance buildings with big fat podiums and pillars that ‘imitated’ the Greco-Roman architecture ‘in honour of those magnificent early civilizations’ were actually built at the same time as the Pantheon/Parthenon circa the 15th century, after the Bubonic Plague.

Imagine that this faux Greco-Roman history had been prepared by German Monks a century or so earlier, in medieval times. They were the only ones who could write. None of the common folk knew the symbols of Latin, nor German, cuneiform nor hieroglyph. Monks and males of Royal families had exclusive access to writing, which phonetically symbolised and structured all European languages today.

Bear with me : imagine the Royal rulers and religious hierarchy wrote Roman history as if it really happened. They wrote it as a justification of their God King right to rule. They lied about existing architecture, the pillars and sculptures recently carved and crafted, and the ones they planned to create. They made up a bunch of ancient scholars who justified their supremacy and segregated, scientific bent : the Athenian Democracy, legends of kings and a whole pantheon of deities. Roman “gods” (a name derived from German) and godesses who just happened to be the same as Greek ones, with different names. Who just happen to be like the Sumerian, the Egyptian, Celtic ones … and more. The Pantheon is in Athens. The Parthenon is in Rome. Their style is replicated around the western world in Renaissance architecture, on into the 19th century.

The offspring of the medieval German royalty who wrote this fictional history sit on the throne of Britain today. Their genetics weave in and out with Rothschilds, Rockerfellers and Romanovs. Indeed, a whole raft of royal-related families currently claim right to massive wealth and hidden rule while running parliaments for plebs based on ‘Athenian democracy.’

Imagine they installed themselves around the reign of the House of Tudor, along with the Gregorian calendar and King James bible, appearing out of the ‘Dark Ages’ after a Plague decimated the population. Imagine Renaissance writers reconstructing Roman history as a fact which decreed Divine right from ancient times : the rule of the Roman Catholic Church. Could Church power have evolved from a history they fabricated, full of fictionalised Caesars and Charlemagnes? Then who and what, we may ask, were they burning, and why?

Was the Maleus Maleficum the first book widely printed … or were all the others burnt beforehand?

Now I’ve set the stage … back to the Roman festivals.

Yes they were written in Latin during the Middle Ages for the Church (at that time completely complicit with Royal families) to celebrate. The Roman Catholic Church and the Royal families are still celebrating them several hundred years later. These festivals represent a paradigm of control and coersion, laid from the top down, not from the grassroots of Paganism, as we are taught. What of Mars and Diana, identical to the Greek Vulcan and Demeter? And Persephone, identical to the Sumerian Innana? Keep your disbelief suspended and imagine that all these myths are made to cover up a Renaissance cult.

A cult that knows the power of seasonal festivals, the cycles of astronomical influence, the veracity of energetic embodied reality, the psychic and psychological way to maintain control of a whole planet for their personal benefit… over millennia. And they keep using their knowledge of planetology and biology to continually reset.

In truther circles it is well documented that the ruling elite use Roman seasonal festivals, as well as Wiccan ones, to initiate global events. In a Hegelian Dialectic kinda way, of course. One such event happened last week.

15 October is the Roman festival of Equus October : the sacrifice of the Red Horse. This year it occurred within a rare conjunction of Saturn, Jupiter and Moon in (sidereal) Capricorn (ruled by Saturn). The Ides of October signifies the end of the season of Mars, the god of war, which began with the Ides of March (Christchurch Massacre). It was the date chosen by governments all over the world to mandate medical marshall lore with a passport.

Of course, a red horse is also mentioned in Revelation (6:1-8) as the initiatory sign of people killing people. One of the four horses of the Apocalypse. Potent portents.

One may well ask : so what happens next? What season comes after this season of Mars?

Before I tell you, let me say the impetus for my research came from another source. It came from a Predictive Linguistics (ALTA) report that I have been following since 2012. In this report (which uses the prescience of humanity via bots harvesting email data to predict future trends) the dates 24 to 28 October are identified as a period of drama leading to “release language.” What this often indicates is a shocking occurrence for humanity. If you research the use of shock in esoterica, it is used to keep one’s intentions on track.

The season that comes after Mars is that of the godesses of the underworld. It is kicked off with the Heuresis on 28 October – a Roman festival of Isis (yes ISIS folks) returning Osiris to life. Have a think about recent events in Afghanistan and how that could play out. It is a season ruled by Diana, the huntress, and commences the Plebian Games (28 October to 17 November). Other mythologies tell us it is Cailleach’s (Kali) Reign where the Riders of the Wild Hunt claim souls to be taken into the Shadows; in Sumeria, Innana descends to the underworld.

Looking at the alternate news media, it seems that this may be a very grim Winter in the northern hemisphere.

Actually, I’m not writing this as a hyperreal alternative reality. I’m writing from years of research into all the abovementioned topics. If you’re unaccustomed to examining such things, imagining alternative histories can initiate cognitive dissonance. So just take this as an exercise in “let’s see” – let’s see what happens next week.

Let’s see if we can suspended our disbelief long enough to inquire if those old stories, those Dionysian calendar events, those influential seasonal festivities are real. Let’s see if we may be living in a story created by those who rule to direct and reset progress so that humanity, in our love, our honesty and our innate goodness, cannot overthrow them.

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Photo by Elijah M. Henderson on Unsplash

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