Soulrise Sanctuary

Sanctuary so sweet

all thanks to god we meet

& patiently friends keep

promises to retreat

& build sanctuary so deep.

Build sanctuary so neat

by day build night’s heat

by stars & rhymes dreams meet

stars aligned & found seek

share as a pair profound speak

dare to dive

dare to unwind

dare to be kind.

Release the seeds of ancient meaning

released dreams of ancients, streaming.

Dreams of streams now river potent

as gathered souls torrent

with love fields as target

& love spells to market

& courageous flint doth spark it

success to burn

& warm hearth

feet to earth

& wombs of water pools

& chests of soul spirit tools.

Rolling on strong from dusk til dawn

clear lines drawn

clean high vibes spawn

as sanctuary so sweet comes forth in gentle roars.

Sanctuary so sweet

time to meet our needs

time to flow pure deeds

time to flower from seed






Boot camps, Bush tramps, Night camps & Lux glamps

happy hearts, light sparks

bright sparks

fresh starts

amazing art

courses charted

new chapters started

new stories crafted

timelines of Artists

& lifestyles of hearts first.

New earth takes birth, rooting firm.

Signs confirm

elements conform

lockdown sidesteppers

weather the storm

emerge to perform those deals that transform

hellscapes to pathways of new days.

Overlit by angels of grace

lighthearted days

amplified waves of successful escapades.

* Leo Star *

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