Climate Occultists

If I told you the sea will rise 120 metres you’d call me a nutter, right? Even in the consensual climate science this would be ridiculed. However, that’s how far sea levels have risen in the post-glacial period, between 16-4000 BCE. In the event called Melt Water Pulse 1a, the ocean rose 25 metres in 500 years. That’s kinda slow, but it’s faster than the sea is rising now.

“Periods of rapid sea level rise are known as meltwater pulses because the inferred cause of them was the rapid release of meltwater into the oceans from the collapse of continental ice sheets.

“The start of this meltwater event coincides with or closely follows the abrupt onset of the Bølling-Allerød (B-A) interstadial and warming in the NorthGRIP ice core in Greenland at 14,600 calendar years ago. During meltwater pulse 1A, sea level is estimated to have risen at a rate of 40–60 mm (0.13–0.20 ft)/yr. This rate of sea level rise was much larger than the rate of current sea level rise, which has been estimated to be in the region of 2–3 mm (0.0066–0.0098 ft)/yr.” Wikipedia.

It seems climate change is cyclical (see the Vostok ice core graph below) so we can look forward to more of it on planet earth. Oceans keep rising. Kevin Costner’s Waterworld is not far off the eventual mark. Is it for this reason – the Palaeolithic sea rising 120 metres – that the billionaire bunker town beside Lake Wakatipu (Sth Isle NZ) is over 200 metres in elevation (Hunting the One Percent’s Doomsday Bunkers in NZ)? That it is also situated on the Alpine Fault Line doesn’t seem to worry those who spent billions creating a safe haven. This gives you an indication what they are really concerned about.

They are concerned about sea levels rising, some form of nuclear or solar fire event, and economic collapse (hence the remote, green location). But is sea level rise a real threat? It happens so slowly! The earth is a mammoth being and she doesn’t move very fast. Melt Water Pulse 1a is our fastest deluge event which took 500 years. Granted, it (and other melt waters), did flood large land masses and existing civilisations, of which Bimini (Bahamas), Yonaguni (Japan), and Atlantis, are a few.

If we don’t need to panic, just move to higher ground over many generations, and treat the earth better as we do so, then why the billionaire bunkers on high? Is the fossil record more fast-moving than we have been led to believe by the scientists who hold the status quo? Investigative journalist Graham Hancock, in his latest book, America Before, uncovers many instances where dissenting scientists have been silenced.

So what does Peter Thiel (Lake Wakatipu bunkster infamously made a NZ citizen in just weeks for an undisclosed sum) know that we don’t? Is he but an example of the Machiavellian nobleman positioned for slaughter once the shit hits?

Helena Blavatsky knew something. She wrote in the 1880’s :

“At the close of every ‘great year,’ called by Aristotle ‘the greatest,’ which consists of six sars (cycles of eclipses), our planet is subjected to a thorough physical revolution. The polar and equatorial climates gradually exchange places, the former moving slowly toward the Line, and the tropical zone, with its exuberant vegetation and swarming animal life, replacing the forbidding wastes of the icy poles. This change of climate is necessarily attended by cataclysms, earthquakes, and other cosmic throes. As the beds of the ocean are displaced, at the end of every decimillenium and about one neros, a semi-universal deluge like the legendary Noachian flood is brought about. This year was called ‘heliacal’ by the Greeks, but no one outside the sanctuary knew anything of its duration or particulars. The winter of this year was called the Cataclysm, or Deluge; the summer, the Ecpyrosis. The popular traditions taught that at these alternate seasons the world was in turn burned and deluged.” Isis Revealed.

Blavatsky, founder of the Theosophical Society, is credited with bringing the mysteries of secret societies into light of common knowledge. Along with Rudolf Steiner, she spearheaded a campaign to reveal esoteric truths hidden by secret societies since Ancient times.

The conspiracies of occult knowledge are not the subject of this article, but her expressed wisdom may explain why those “in the know” such as Thiel & Co are building bunkers against burning and deluge … with no care for the fault line beneath? Can we assume there is a lineage of secret societies which hold information about the cycles of climate change, who feed this to the elite? I think we can.

She is not the only esoteric icon to expose such info. Armenian mystic and founder of the Fourth Way, George Gurdjieff, also shared forewarning of warming in 1915 :

“The idea of the ray of creation and its growth from the Absolute contradicts these general views of our day. According to this idea, the moon is still an unborn planet, one that is, so to speak, being born. It is becoming warm gradually and in time (given a favourable development of the ray of creation) it will become like the earth and have a satellite of its own, a new moon. A new link will have been added to the ray of creation. The earth, too, is not getting colder, it is getting warmer, and may in time become like the sun. We observe such a process in the system of Jupiter, which is a sun for its satellites.” Ouspensky.

Back to the cyclical nature of life on earth : the esoteric idea that the earth’s evolution is to become warmer is confirmed by the process we call global warming. Climate change is not about CO2. It’s been shown that CO2 follows temperature rise. There have been times in prehistory when carbon dioxide levels were much, much higher. Plants and dinosaurs thrived on this atmosphere in the Cambrian period. Since then CO2 has fluctuated regularly, as shown in the Vostok Ice Core.

What strikes me is that we are in an exoteric cycle of culture and consciousness – where the dark secrets and unsustainable foundations of those who rule are coming to light. Those like Blavatsky were feeding us knowledge to facilitate our awakening from the dark times of domination by Church and Patriarchy. Just over a century later we are actively witnessing the deconstruction of powerful hierarchies. As Plato said, Atlantis was an evil empire in the throes of starting a world war when the destruction came.

So how convenient to occult cultural collapse with climate change … when we really ought to be addressing poison, pedophillia and political corruption by incorporations, instead.

“There are periods in the life of humanity, which generally coincide with the beginning of the fall of cultures and civilisations, when the masses irretrievably lose their reason and begin to destroy everything that has been created by centuries and millenniums of culture. Such periods of mass madness, often coinciding with geological cataclysm, climactic changes, and similar phenomenon of a planetary character, release a great quantity of the matter of knowledge. This, in turn, necessitates the work of collecting this matter of knowledge which would otherwise be lost. Thus the work of collecting scattered matter of knowledge frequently coincides with the beginning of the destruction and fall of cultures and civilisations.” Gurdjieff via Ouspensky.

When I read this quote I envision China bulldozing Tibet, the Amazon forests being felled for fuel, and Wounded Knee (amongst a rich kaleidoscope of human suffering). Truly, this is happening and, if Gurdjieff is correct, irretrievably so. Why would the world’s industrialists go on decimating our environment if they thought humanity had a future? They seem to be aware that an unstoppable teleological event approaches; they have no future so no reason to remit plundering earth’s resources. We must accept we are in a deconstruction process. We cannot stop it (coz we don’t have the support of the industrial military complex), we can only ACT on it. Our ability to truly see the depth of the shit we are in is our saving grace. Only with this attitude can we make the move in our lifetime to secure our future – one that may pass through the heliacal year with wisdom, knowledge, and humanity. And MOVE we must!

If we accept that earth’s climate changes are not only an inevitable, repetitive natural process, as suggested by Blavatsky, but also preknown in the echelons of incorporated political elite and the military industrial complex, which are being used to distract the masses, then we can refocus on real environmental issues.

“I’m not a climate denier, I never denied there was a climate, I think that climate change is real, coz it’s been changing for 4 billion years. What I do know is I do not want to be a slave, and any legislation based on the climate change fraud, serves to accomplish exactly that. I apologise if I’ve offended anyone but, if I’m being called a climate denier then I think I’m perfectly justified in calling them climate cultists” – Vinny Eastwood

Climate Emergency is a gargantuan glamour to make us feel helpless, and simultaneously, like someone else is gonna do something about it. We can’t help it. Either cyclical or human-made, it’s happening whether we like it or not. Rather than getting depressed about a planet-sized problem – let’s get into ACTION to save our own souls; and maybe those of our friends and offspring too – but not everyone. The meek really will inherit the earth – those who are humble enough to live simply and simple enough to move to higher ground.

The GREAT thing about the REAL ISSUES listed above (which are much more likely to be the death of us) is that we can act effectively to eradicate these vectors from our lives … well, most of them. By removing pollution from our daily life, we address the causes of environmental degradation directly, in a self-empowering way, and change our lives for the better – instantly – by getting our own house and health in order.

How? You already know how to do it! The literature has been piling up since the seventies, dude. What stops most people is the leap in social consciousness (read : leap outside social consciousness) which traps us in a poisoned box.

And that’s what you’re being programmed to think – you’re trapped.

But you’re NOT.

“We set out to defeat time and gravity and realized once we devaluate things in the reality around us that truly have no bearing in determining our eternal greatness, a state that does not have to be learned or earned but just is, we end the energetic inflation that causes us to spend too much of our current on things that have no value. Armed with such knowing we begin to charge and in the process gain the currency to enter high spin by repaying ourselves the credit that is due.” Sevan Bomar

In Search of the Miraculous – P.A Ouspensky free pdf – introduction to Gurdjieff

And a further word on Greenpeace & Billionaire Scams

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