What is femininity?  How do we know? We are all raised within this masculine paradigm where women and men behave like hunters with single pointed deadly focus. We have patriarchal consciousness regardless of which gender we identify with. All the sounds, structures, systems, science and language are masculine.

Is there an insatiable unintegrated male god destroying our world? That’s what it looks like to me. He is in charge, unmarried, and wreaking havoc.

They tell me that if I can acheive my own sacred marriage – within – so will my world fall in love. Do I believe them?

I had to try, But to marry her I had to find her. Like the Isle of Avalon, she is gone. Hidden in plain sight as the entrance to power. But hidden she is. To stalk her and marry her I have to embody her. Bring her up from the depths of my psyche where she is hiding from centuries of abuse. During last century, women arose to collectively reclaim feminine power, but do we really know what this is? How can we when millenia of persecution gets in the way?

When all else failed, heirosgamos was the only thing I had left to do.

Our shakti, our sacred place of animation, our divine spark, our spiritualised matter, is  hidden beneath layers of anger, denial and fear. I found her faint heartbeat in the forest. I gazed upon her in ancient granite riverbeds, she was under the leaves beneath cultural overlays telling me who I was as a woman, and I wasn’t enough. She followed the music. So did I.

So I ended up living in the high country, far away from the mad masculine whirled. Occasionally I left the mountains. Upon this descent I saw the same things I ran from – violence, competition, and condemnation, where there could be heaven on Earth; an elegant Orwellian factory farm of work consume die.


We lost our magic. We lost our magic because we lost our sacred union. The remedy for this unmagical situation post patriarchy is for everyone to find our inner shakti and marry her. A mass wedding!

It is harder than you think.

Coming together is cutting edge consciousness. Few can do it. Sacred union is a magic potion for evolution. You don’t think they pass these things around lightly, do you?

Drink deeply the draught of feminine power – as it exists in male and female alike. This brew is just what can turn the tides on planetary desecration, and it’s also fun to do.

Think about it – all the wars, genocide and desecration have taken place by oppressing femininity and exhalting masculinity. The unintegrated manchild god. This separated, divorced scenario denies everyone a good life. It keeps us in constant survival mode. Furthermore, this lop-sided masculine paradigm we live in thwarts the collective mastery of the human species. All of us – all inbetween, women, children & men.

To put it simply, the path of reclaiming our femininity, of truly loving her – in us – enough to marry her, contains the forgotten magic of the human race.

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