Why do you take lonely paths to hidden beaches? You could have gone to Celestial Odessy.

I’m sure it was glam and gorgeous sistars yoga-ing to beaut tunes… but the journey to and staying in big smoke Orcland made my spirit shrink. So here I am, freedom camping… yoga on the beach with no one, talking to the trees, dragons and devas of the land. Why do I choose solitude of the waves?

Coz I’m deep in my parasympathetic nervous system, choosing peace over action, allowance of the feminine flow, flowing in the shakti knowing that I am boundless, all of creation, and therefore needing not to be seen as special within it. Just knowing that being embodied, wherever I am hidden, is special enough for the love of the cosmos.

And hoping, as Gopi Krishna said, that we are in the time of awakening, or collective christing… as the evil steps up so does the light. And for the light, sitting on the beach, solitary in the sunshine, is enough.

There is nothing else on this Earth to be,

But to be a yogini.

Until I am free…

“There is way more to yoga (from an esoteric/gnosis perspective) than the asana/posture practice, breathwork, om-ing or chanting in Sanskrit. The corruption and watered-down yoga practice (i.e. fitness practice) in the “mainstream” and “spiritually correct” yoga community is a whole topic on its own. I’m not implying that going to an average yoga class of asana practice (what most people understand as “doing yoga”) is bad or wrong. I enjoy it and have been doing it for 20 years…..just saying there that there is way more to it in light of the true meaning of the word “yoga” beyond the stretch and breath exercises.” Bernhard Guenther.

Yoga is an art of liberation. If this is not what you are seeking in your practise then, by all means, enjoy the health benefits and endorphins, but do not call yourself a yogini. Yoginis seek liberation.

We’ve been on that path for years… from Yeshe Tsogyal Sky Dancing and Mandarava achieving immortality with Padmasambhava at Maratika Cave, to Lalita Devi of Daniel Odier’s Tantric Quest – we are treading the road so less travelled it has almost disappeared into the jungle of patriarchal interpretations, and Lululemon pop-yoga.

Yoginis are making a comeback. Dakinis as well. Those of us with the good fortune to have made it beyond the mainstream are quietly, yet surely, reigniting the path of feminine transcendence.

One of my teachers, vajrayogini Shantara Mu Khalsa, says that a yogi/ni must be able to “turn on a dime.” This I have done many times in my life, and I credit it for keeping me free.

So many times there is a fork in the road – the safe, comfortable route, or the wild unknown. Taking the unknown has proven it’s worth, for now I stand on the other side of many journeys – into territories sharp, stark, clear, dangerous & beautiful – wise, free, brimming with lifeforce, deeply and authentically.  And I know I’m not there yet, no way…

But at least I AM on the path to freedom. My choice is simple:

Live Free or Die.



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