The Art of the Spiritual Warrior

This is from my beloved teacher, Virochana Khalsa

These practices are real and beneficial.

“Eventually, we will all become Buddha’s, and live in a cosmic delight. Some of us do not want to wait a billion years, and will push the timing within our beloved body of the one. Call it an exuberance if you will.

“Any effective person in this world, particularly a spiritual teacher pushes against resistance, and takes a risk. In this day and age with the great assault and disconnect, the blatant loss of even basic awareness of our interconnectivity, and people questioning if they even have a soul; entering into the spiritual arena requires a warriors spirit that never gives up, and also flows like water through an inner ease and acceptance. There is a great love that fuels this, and we all swim in it, knowingly or unknowingly.

“The first think I ask, is ‘What do you want?” To go into areas of resistance, to evolve a change, permission is needed. If you want to learn yoga stretches, great, there are many competent people, and that is a wonderful desire. This is not going to evoke in me anything. If you want to be enlightened, I will ask is this just a word, or is there something inside of you that has some taste. Basically are you ready, are you ripe, and is there a passion? Is there an aliveness that wants to be more? Are we going to work together, and give to each other and others, or is this just a passing show? Is it appropriate, or does that relationship start with another being of the oneness?

“I will then try to give a taste if I can, as well as observing the response that come up as bits of activation happen here and there. This is not picking up a brush, painting a house, and going home forgetting about it. When the subtle body mixes, it is our life force we are talking about; so there is a period of really seeing what this is about.

“I have put together a list of a few qualities, I believe is beneficial for those of us on a warrior’s path. I am sure you can come up with additional ones. There are different kinds of warriors. What I am talking about is a Devic Warrior. Someone who honors the body of oneness, values inner attunement, and is willing to develop the strength to help raise a better world, because they already know what it is like in their hearts.

“CONTEXT – without context you become a fanatic. This requires experience and wisdom.

“LOVE – without love, you have already lost, and your credibility is limited. Love, Love, Love.

“HONOR – most people are doing exactly what they want to do. Unless it is causing significant harm, that is each beings right, even if you do not agree.

“PEACE and HAPPINESS – this comes from your own cultivation. Without it, there is no wellspring, no balance, and you are just caught in samsara. People experiencing harmony in your energies are uplifted. True happiness is the sign of spiritual accomplishment, and has with it a freedom. It is not something to seek, rather it is natural outcome of spiritual practice. Once you can surrender the mind, by dissolving it into something better; this is what is left. Kriya gives a profound experience of this within a year or two, sometimes much faster.

“DEFINITION – this is your ability, your strength, your integration. It includes your emotional and mental integration. Your courage, determination, and the like comes from this. It is developed through practice. Through internal cultivation you get in touch with your light as it originates in you, literally. Through being with it enough, it becomes more integrated and you can interact in it. Oddly, the path to inner definition often involves giving up some of our outer definition at first. Half and half, the emotional body completes the circuit in time. Put your hand up if you are a real person.

“VULNERABILITY – without that there is no intimacy into the physical. Vulnerability for a sensitive person is always there, because of transparency, it is just a truth. It is how it is combined with humility, and the strength to bear it that makes it an asset or not.

“PENETRATION – Definition and vulnerability combined. The more you can let go of your conditions, and with a focus – you can see. It is not just penetration, like entering, but staying awake as you dissolve into deeper and deeper layers.

“BLENDING – this is something that many woman inherently understand, but for some reason, most men do not, which is a sign of immaturity. Developing a subtle awareness does not give you the right to project it unasked for and to take over a space. Typically this is like a bull entering a china shop, which quickly shuts down the energy field. Rather, touch lightly and feel the moment and permission. Attune first. Learn how to be awareness itself. The greatest adepts can do amazing work unknown to most.

“INNER NECTAR – ok, so this is perhaps just a requirement for myself. But without the nectar body, it is all just a dry passing show. The Nectar, and its bliss is both in this world and beyond it. It is the bridge, most intense, intimate, personal, and yet ownership evaporates. To me this is the real secret of the yogis and yoginis. When the thoughts go away, but alive awareness remains, there is no limit to the conscious domain.

“INDIFFERENCE – by this I mean the ability to be removed. The whole world does not revolve around us, and it we cannot remove ourselves from it as needed, then we are unable to cultivate the strengths from beyond social understanding, and have lost any hope of greater freedom. In addition to retreat, there are very creative ways to do this, even for busy people. It is where you put your attention.

“CREATIVITY – love and wisdom always finds a way. This will come from a combination of the purity of your heart, and your tenacity. As an example, once in my subtle body I wanted to help a particular spiritual teacher who was helping a lot of people, but whose outer was suffering greatly as a result. But I was not allowed to help this being directly, as per an inner command from Mahavatar, so I looked for a way. I thought, a lot of this suffering is coming from a few of his main devotes, so I went into their subtle bodies instead and lifted some of it to bring a bit of relief. Mahavatar was really happy, as he also pushes, yet never goes against divine providence.

“Another more down to earth example. Oil is polluting our earth. We can fight bitterly against it, or we can campaign for alternatives, maybe even enrolling some of the ‘enemy’ in the process to help. What is it that you really want to accomplish? Having an axe to grind is an agenda, not a solution.

“UNDERSTANDING A BIGGER PICTURE – here is where we get into it. This is where this article starts. This is the art. Just pushing to get what you want for your immediate needs all the time makes you disconnected, not a spiritual servant. Being in spiritual service, carrying about more than just ourselves, opens one to a greater ocean, and this is its own reward. This is life.

“It requires all of the other facets. Everything requires a permission, but that permission can come in many mays. For example; Monsanto is poising the earth for profit. That is not good, and a cause worth fighting against. There is a lot of resistance to have to push against, so you have to be strong. Yet, that does not mean that all people who work for Monsanto are bad people. The permission is given from the energy of clarity itself and as a response to the love of our mother. Clarity can cover a lot of ground. So say you get rid of the poisons and there are lots of crop failures, which would likely occur because of mono-cropping and because people create their own plagues. Is society ready for what you know? How much is this your purpose to bring forth an alternative? Are people, who are like fragments, simply removing themselves? Is there a response to goodness?

“That is an easy one (standing up against companies like Monsanto). Now, let’s say a being comes to me while in their subtle body while they are sleeping and very clearly asks for help. And they are not aware of it outwardly, at all. So there is a disconnection. That might be a lack of definition, or more typically, because there is a resistance in their outer self to what they want. So what to do? Where do you put the power? This is a very typical scenario in the spiritual worlds. This kind of pushing of the timing often requires a personal connection, as well as some trust that must be built first.

“What if working with a group of people, and almost no one is home. A spiritual adept can quickly connect with the sparks of a few or many people, and has the power to temporarily bring those sparks to a certain place and atmosphere and then nourish them. But when is this right, and when is it doing too much. This kind of activity also has kickbacks.

“There are many more scenarios I could bring up. The point is, that to really be a spiritual warrior, you need to know the range of consciousness, and how it interacts. Are you willing to do that kind of work to become more effective?

“There is our beloved earth, a body holding many spirits and within it a core of consciousness. For myself only 25% of the spirit lights I see are in the sphere of a ‘human’. There is an activity bridging many worlds, and the human race as a whole is clogging up the pores rather than being part of the light. The mother is the most patient, gives each its space and timing. But she is also the most astute, and the greatest warrior, for she can remove you not just from a body, but from the earth itself. Understand the times we live in.

“For myself, most people know that I can ‘go with the flow’ very easily, and some know that I can also take a firm stand. It is an art, and like all arts, each artist will creatively express in different ways at different times. Sometimes mistakes are made, and that is where if there is enough love, we keep moving on. I hope, that for those of you who know your selves as having a warrior spirit, that you bring forth a great art; the world needs you, and you need to be who you are in truth.”

“Om Ah Hung lighting the way,

May All Being be Blessed!”


One thought on “The Art of the Spiritual Warrior

  1. I want peace. And on days I can get through LA traffic, nutty family members, crazy friends and barking dogs without drinks, drugs or too much coffee, I feel pretty darn enlightened. 🙂


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