~: Wholeness River Retreat :~

Deep & Dark is the Sky at Night … Moon & Stars are Bright

What’s ON this lunation :  Winter Solstice Celebration 24 June at HomeHearth … we love the way so many Mystics speak of lighting up in our soul in the depths of Winter darkness … and doing Daily Yoga – of course.

Yes! This river retreat is going biodynamic! BD500 sprayed, BD501 Silica on the way!

Seek out this sanctuary nestled in the Coromandel Ranges, Aotearoa NZ – it’s good for your soul.

Breathe fresh mountain air, drink spring water & relax instantly in a low EMF environment of forest, natural fibres & organic gardens. Our focus is on conscious living – embodied, present & at peace with the process – in a transformative milieu.

Explore this gorgeous getaway with easy walks to stunning river swim spots, or hike for hours deep into the Coromandel Forest Park. Accommodation is available in holistic habitats.

We welcome you back to nature!